Most color you see in the jewelry at lindseyowencustomjewelry.com is kiln fired enamel.

 What is enamel? What should you expect with kiln fired enamel jewelry? 

 In simple terms, vitreous enamel in raw form is finely ground glass- a powder.  It gets sifted over metal and fired in a kiln at 1500 degrees.  The powdered glass fuses to the metal and creates a glassy, smooth and vibrantly colored surface.  

 Enamel work is an ancient practice, dating as far back as the Egyptian empire. There are several techniques within the realm of enamel work, some of which are cloisonne, champleve, basse-taille, plique-a-jour, and sgraffito.

Some jewelry companies use lacquer enamel which is a finish and texture comparable to resin or plastic.  This technique is often used to mass produce fashion or costume jewelry.  Kiln fired enamel is a completely different process and media.  

Enamel has been used on industrial signage, and can also be found on antique kitchen ware as well as jewelry. 

 Enamel jewelry is sometimes fragile but gorgeous. Please do not wear your jewelry constantly, or during heavy exercise. When you are not wearing your jewelry, place in a soft storage container that prohibits jostling with other jewelry.  Earrings should be stored in separate containers each to avoid chipping one another. Layered cuffs should be worn snugly so as not to overlap eachother. 

 If you drop your jewelry, it could chip or crack. This is in most cases an easy repair. Please discontinue use and contact LOCJ about repair procedure. We want to fix it ASAP so you can wear it again! 

Each repair is examined individually. Usually we will charge you nothing but shipping fees. If you’d like a repair box sent to you with enclosed postage, contact LOCJ. 

 Please contact LOCJ with any questions.
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