Lindsey was born and raised in Kansas and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Kansas in 2007.She studied jewelry design and silversmithing, and enjoyed photography classes lead by Luke Jordan and Pok Chi Lau
She studied the ancient art of enameling under Gina Westergard in 2005 and has been striving to perfect her craft ever since.  Obsession with color and texture lead to varying  the temperature and length of "cook time" in the kiln to achieve unimaginable results.  She studied metalwork, holloware, lost wax casting and jewelry design under Jon Havener and Lin Stanionis, and attributes her professors for encouraging the concept and design development in her work. 
Since college she has worked from her own enamel and metalwork studio while living in 
Aspen Valley, Wichita Kansas, and Dallas Texas.  
After experiencing life in large jewelry chain stores, small independently owned shops as well as apprenticing the art of welding and ornamental blacksmithing, she chose to dive into the colorful world of enamel and silversmith work at her own pace.
Each original piece is cut from sheet copper, gold and fine silver.  A variety of hammers are used to shape, texture and form the metal into place.  Enamel is fused to the surface while firing in a kiln at 1400-1600 degrees F. Although a labor intense practice, enamel results are uniquely original and remarkably gorgeous. Each piece features a delightful texture that doubles as comforting eye-candy.