meet lindsey

Hi! I'm Lindsey Owen and I was born and raised in Augusta, Kansas. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Kansas in 2007.
I studied jewelry design and silversmithing, and enjoyed photography classes lead by Luke Jordan and Pok Chi Lau
I studied the ancient art of enameling under Gina Westergard in 2005 and have been striving to perfect my craft since then.  I'm obsessed with color and texture: playing with the temperature and length of "cook time" in the kiln to achieve unimaginable results.  I had the privilege of learning metalwork, holloware, lost wax casting and jewelry design under Jon Havener and Lin Stanionis, and owe them for encouraging the concept and design development in my work. 
Since college I have set up an enameling and jewelry making studio wherever the wind has taken me: Aspen Valley, Wichita Kansas, and Dallas Texas.  
I plan to expand and grow in the future as I already have in the few years I've been in business.
I plan to have a huge studio that allows for holloware, casting, blacksmithing and more. 
I cut most of my pieces from sheet metal. I work with sterling and fine silver, and copper.  
I've worked in large jewelry stores, small mom and pop shops, and one on one with professional jewelers. 
I've apprenticed and practiced the art of welding and ornamental blacksmithing.
I fire most of my pieces in a kiln at 1400 degrees fahrenheit. The process of enameling is a long and tedious one. 
I am always learning and changing and growing. Its great!
My main goal is to make jewelry that has a soul, a story, a time or a place. I want you to wear my jewelry for aesthetic, mental, and spiritual support. Color and texture are my two biggest attractions. I believe there is a comfort in seeing your favorite color on your wrist; and a certain satisfaction when your fingertips run across the smooth enameled glassy surface. I can create a piece for you that is literally one of a kind. Consider my portfolio when dreaming up a project for me to take on.  Don't limit your imagination! I'm up for trying new techniques and working with different designs. Please enjoy my jewelry and feel free to commission a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love.