If you were gifted a Square Gift Card, contact the artist to order your selection and submit your wrist circumference measurement. 
If you would like to order a digital or plastic gift card of any amount, order one here!
Gift cards are a unique and fun way to gift a friend or loved one. You may design the cuff or let your giftee choose the colors. Add special engraving or monogramming as an extra surprise for your loved one. 
Gift Card package includes: 
LOCJ gift card, brochure covering LOCJ process, and an informative and easy to use tape measure. After giftee follows directions on gift card, they receive a wrist fitting kit in the mail. Free return postage! 
If you are in Dallas and want to gift a cuff, here are a few fun options: 
(At an LOCJ event:)
bring your giftee to LOCJ event to be personally measured and fitted for a cuff-
(SURPRISE APPROACH) giftee shops LOCJ collection, or places an order to be made and delivered within a few weeks (contact the artist for rush orders!)
(STEALTH APPROACH) giftee gets measured (unknowingly for a gift,) and YOU design the cuff to be made and delivered. We exchange a wink and a smile and LOCJ will send an invoice to your email address. For best results email LOCJ prior to arrival. 
(Private LOCJ consultation:)
schedule a private fitting appointment with LOCJ and the giftee. LOCJ can drop by and fit giftee in a few minutes. Giftee may design their own or wait to be surprised by your design. 
*International shipping is not included.