After 12 years of practicing as an enamelist and silversmith, 10 years as owner and operator of Lindsey Owen Custom Jewelry, I am finally going to make a profit when I sell my work!

I started developing custom fit enamel cuff bracelets about 5 years ago. After a few months of frustrating trials and a few years of practice and many sales, I believe I have something to be proud of with this particular product. My cuff bracelets have a thicker, sturdier metal core and fit each client better than ever. The colors I offer are stunningly remarkable. I precisely fit and record your measurements and keep them for future use. 

I’ve spent some years selling my work to the public at prices that were literally under cost. Under. That means that I was making negative dollars with each piece sold. For years I had been getting paid less money (for each piece) than it costs for me to even make it. After many years of steady work in my studio here in Dallas, I believe it is time for me to cut myself a check. I guarantee my work and each custom fit piece. Should a bracelet not fit correctly the first time, I will cover shipping and all cost to adjust and make your jewelry fit you comfortably. I also charge little to no money for repair work. 

I offer discounts to Kansas residents that attend my jewelry showings, and my family. 

If you are interested in trade... so am I. This is a wonderful option. Please let me know if you are interested in trading goods or services! Below are the services and or items with which I am willing to trade my work:

Licensed Dental work
Licensed massage therapy
Clothes/shoes/accessories for men/women
Rare Pokémon cards
Respectable Chef knives
Custom leatherwork
Rodan + Fields skincare
Fine art (this is a big category!)
Tickets to cool shows
Law advice/practice
Accounting services
Craft beer
Good wine
Fancy cheese
Restaurant gift certificates
Public relations services
Pro Photography
Pro photo printing
Handmade soy candles
House cleaning

Moving services

Professional dog grooming
Auto-Mechanic work
Apple products
Professional business promotion

Please reach out to me with questions.