Stamped or engraved enamel cuff

$225.00 USD

add extra meaning to your cuff with letter stamping or engraving!

LOCJ will contact you upon ordering to discuss details and your preferences. 

various font sizes and symbols available. 

enamel on copper or fine silver. 

FINE SILVER PRICING: subject to your size. Final price will be quoted after initial wrist measurement. Price raises small increments from current list if wrist measures more than 6”.  

.5-1.75" width

feature picture : .75” wide Bright Red , Matte Black engraved MAMA cuffs

stamping: available with transparent colors only.

engraving: any color available, but solid darker opaque colors show off engraving the best! 

*prices subject to change depending on the design. Contact the artist to get started designing yours!

custom fitting required: FIT KIT will arrive at your door shortly. 


secret fit kit available: contact LOCJ upon ordering. 

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