lindsey in action! October 31 2013

i spend a lot of time with the jewelry you order. this album shows some of the enameling steps from sifting the fine enamel over the metal and then firing at 1500 degrees in my kiln.

thanks to VOLK PR and Aaron Fairooz/Art of Mind Productions for the photos!


COMING SOON.... October 23 2013

a color palette that you can browse through... pick your color, pick your piece, perfect.


i love dallas! my first real lasting impression of dallas happened when i stepped out onto a patio in the city shortly after arriving and there in the night sky was the vivid red pegasus. nevermind the oil company, the pegasus is a magical creature that came to dallas to live. it represents inspiration, imagination, the flight of dreams and hopes.  i love it so much i designed my own version and made it come alive. 

look out for the pegasus pendant, the pegasus brooch, earrings,  and the pegasus tie tack. 


Heart Shields June 09 2013

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces: my Heart Shields. Pictured are a few that I've had the pleasure of making. These are commissioned pieces where I like to spend some moments getting to know the wearer, so that I can design the Heart Shield customized according to skin tones and general disposition.

These are by commission appointment only.

Contact me if you're interested. I would love to make you one!

Reversible lapel pins June 08 2013

Now available!